Sunday, July 14, 2013

No Expectations, No Disappointments
I have been let down by my own family. I honestly expected sympathy and did not come. Have I experienced it with them before, most of my life. Only my wife knows how close I felt with my cousin..We were like sisters since I remember being a kid. We did everything together and I could tell her anything and of course she knew our situation--the whole story. When my mom passed away in May 2007, my cousin had a falling out because after all that she knew and even after we had to come to Canada the words came out of her lips, "well you are the one that chose to move all the way up to Canada." I was totally shocked and I was so hurt. Hurt that even my own family did not get it. I always expected that strangers would not always understand or care. But somehow I truly believed they would. So after my counselor on Saturday she asked me a question. "What do you think you will get if you call them?"...I said disappointment. Therefore this entry is about a new pattern of thinking. No expectations, no disappointments. 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Feeling Dejected
It's not the first time and I'm sure it won't be the last. It seems as tho happiness is being replaced with the reality that some people just don't care. They don't care if they hurt your feelings,  they don't care if they steal from you or take advantage, they don't care if they disrespect you or lead you to believe they care. It comes from everywhere, it's at work, it's friends, and sometimes your own family. They are your cheerleaders when there is no solution but when that miracle happens they are nowhere to be found. Only possible positive note is I may be able to stay with my current company but stateside. I am hoping for Washington, my wife knows the place and it's beautiful. I say hope because lately one disappointment after another I wonder if I dare to think it will come through. Not a good day...

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

So S-u-r-r-e-a-l....

A new journey..a life change. It's exciting, exhilarating, soul-lifting, and a little scary too. We have been away so long and things in the USA have probably changed so much. New places, new faces, new employment---starting all over again. So many of us binational couples will be dealing with all these issues. I wish all of us the best of luck and to beginning our new journeys. Some of us tho need a helping hand..

Monday, July 08, 2013

DOMA Finally Ruled Unconstitutional

On June 26, 2013 the United States Supreme Court finally ruled DOMA unconstitutional! How long we have waited for this? When I saw the news on t.v. I literally fell on my knees and cried, but this time out of joy and happiness. I have not posted on this blog for so long. Discouragement? Apathy? Well at any rate, the law that has kept us here in Canada is finally gone. Finally a new reality has come our way and we can finally plan our way to go home. This now brings all kinds of uncertainty. There is now legal fees, government fees, medical fees. You name it there is a fee. And relocation after over 8 years is not easy, it's not impossible but not easy. I know it is hard for all binational couples but it has been and will be very hard for us. For anyone who is following this blog please share our fund raising link. I will be posting our journey home as it falls into place. Right now the issue is $.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


On June 24, 2011 New York state legalized marriages for gay/lesbian couples. What a joyous occasion for all of the loving couples just wanting equality under the law. But still nothing for same-sex binational couples. Instead of embracing equality for all Americans, the Republicans are hell bent on defending DOMA to the very end--hopefully the end of this unconstitutional law which is destroying so many families. Why is it so hard for them to see this law is not only unconstitutional but so WRONG? DOMA needs to end now! Tell your family, friends and government representatives to sponsor the Respect for Marriage Act!

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Just saw the news update and look who will be defending a law that they know to be unconstitutional. How can you possibly defend DOMA? Well it looks like Mr. Boenher is willing to throw out the Equal Protection Clause from our Constitution. Now of course Mr. Boenher supports limited government. Yet same-sex couples pose such a "threat" that he supports government intrusion into our very homes and private lives. And he portrays himself as religious. And that part if fine however I do have a problem when his religious views infringe on me and my family and my rights as an American citizen simply because he or politicians like him disapproved of my life and family.
Where is the outrage? And exactly how are you defending marriage by denying it to some citizens? Perhaps the republicans should read our Constitution again and maybe learn something. So in short-- Mr. Boenher you are a disappointment!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The following is a partial of Rep. Ryan's response:
"So I'd like to share with you the principals that guide us. They are anchored in the wisdom of the founders, in the spirit of the Declaration of Independence, and in the words of the American Constitution. They have to do with the importance of limited government and with the blessing of self-government.
We believe government's role is both vital and limited, to defend the nation from attack and provide for the common defense, to secure our borders, to protect innocent life, to uphold our laws and constitutional rights, to ensure domestic tranquility and equal opportunity and to provide a safety net- to help provide a safety net for those who cannot provide for themselves.
We believe that the government has an important role to create the conditions that promote entrepreneurship, upward mobility and individual responsibility. We believe, as our founders did, that the pursuit of happiness depends on individual liberty, and individual liberty requires limited government."
1. First of all Mr. Ryan have you read the Constitution? The Republicans and some Democrats have been wiping their butts with the Constitution for years. Can you say 14th amendment? Anyone born in the United States are citizens period! (most likely relates to his secure our borders reference) Immigrants founded our country and now we want to shut our doors and make getting here almost impossible.
2. Second, how much individual liberty are we allowed under the Republican "principals"? Can you say the Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional? You see Republicans love to showcase our Constitution and spout their rhetoric about "individual liberty" but only if that liberty lines up with their own personal principals and morals.
3. What is the Republican position on the "equal protection clause?" Is it only for straight Americans or is is for ALL Americans? Why are Americans being forced to choose between our country or our loved ones? Why are gay and lesbian Americans being denied the same equal protection under all of our laws as straight Americans?
4. And lastly health care is a right and not a priviledge available to only those who can afford it. If you believe so much in our current system why don't you give up your health plan provided to you by the taxpayers? You won't because you know why? It's not as good as what you get now!